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My Opinion: Adolf Eichmann was a Jew, and the New Abwehr’s Scapegoat

 My Opinion: Adolf Eichmann is a Jew, and the New Abwehr’s Scapegoat 

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Doesn’t he look AMAZINGLY JEWISH?! Maybe, that is why he was made very convenient scapegoat, to vent the historical anger. By the New Abwehr? Any opinions on this subject? Adolf Eichmann – GS

OTD May 20, 1960 Ricardo Klement is put on a plane from Buenos Aires to Israel. Real name: Adolf Eichmann.


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OTD May 20, 1960 Ricardo Klement is put on a plane from Buenos Aires to Israel. Real name: Adolf Eichmann. 

Adolf Eichmann – W

He specialized in Jewish emigration to Palestine. “Didn’t do a good job at it, that is why we are in this hole … Let him be judged by his own Jews …” – imagined New Abwehr’s line of thought. 
He was also from Austria. 
He also gave the “intensive interviews”, which is the very serious breach of (the New Abwehr’s) security: 

“Eichmann was extensively interviewed for four months beginning in late 1956 by Nazi expatriate journalist Willem Sassen with the intention of producing a biography. Eichmann produced tapes, transcripts, and handwritten notes.[112] The surviving audio recordings became public in 2022.[113] Eichmann confessed that he in fact knew that millions of Jews and others were being killed: “I didn’t care about the Jews deported to Auschwitz, whether they lived or died. It was the Führer’s order: Jews who were fit to work would work and those who weren’t would be sent to the Final Solution.”[114] Sassen asked him: “When you say Final Solution, do you mean they should be eradicated?”, to which Eichmann replied: “Yes.”[115]

The memoirs were used as the basis for a series of articles that appeared in Life and Stern magazines in late 1960.[116] The Sassen tapes form the basis of the documentary series The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes screened on Israeli television in 2022. The documentary, directed by Yariv Mozer and produced by Kobi Sitt, featured extracts of Eichmann speaking in German.[115]

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