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My Opinion: FBI: Investigate the Menendez case from the Counterintelligence perspectives: Cui bono? Who benefited from this scandal and Menendez resignation as the Senate Foreign Committee Chair? Answer: Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan.

My Opinion: FBI: Investigate the Menendez case from Counterintelligence perspectives: Cui bono? Who benefited from this scandal and Menendez resignation as the Senate Foreign Committee Chair? Answer: Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan. 

1. Israel’s Netanyahu and his far-right ally Ben-Gvir: Menedez warned harshly against this alliance, and Netanyahu was “pissed off”, and Ben-Gvir was “deeply concerned”, whatever it means. Egypt was used as a cover, sustained a reputational damage, and stands to potentially lose the US military assistance, serving as the backdrop to the much touted “Saudi spring”

2. Turkey’s Erdogan, who said openly and directly that this event will help him to buy F-16-s ($20B deal). 

3. Azerbaijan got rid of its most vehement and persistent critic

Consider the anti-Armenian sentiment around Menendez’ new Armenian wife and other co-defendants. 

It is known that these three countries are in alliance directed against Iran. 

As Craig Unger said, why do I see all this, and the FBI does not? 

“In the course of writing two books on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, the same question occurred to me again and again: How is it possible that I knew all sorts of stuff about Donald Trump, and the FBI didn’t seem to have a clue? Or if they did, why weren’t they doing anything with it?

One reason for that may have been that on far too many occasions, FBI men in sensitive positions ended up on the take from the very people they were supposed to be investigating.” 

I am not ready to agree with this explanation above, but the very fact that it was voiced by one of the best US journalists is very troubling. 

Methinks, humbly, from the non-professional perspectives, that in the Counterintelligence investigations the legal aspects (the urge to try and to convict) are the secondary considerations. 

The primary ones are TO UNDERSTAND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED or is happening, especially when the truth is buried under the mountains of the carefully constructed covers, lies, and disinformation. 

Michael Novakhov | 8:40 AM 9/29/2023

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