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April 24, 2024 12:00 am | Saved Web Pages Review
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Selected Articles – TNT | Election 2016 Investigations News Review
Election 2016 Investigations News Review

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Election 2016 Investigations

ImageCharles McGonigal, 2016 Election, and Hillary Clinton | 

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The central, complex and enigmatic figure of The Great October 2016 Surprise is James Kallstrom, who saw himself as the actual Director, opposed to the Obama-Comey #FBI. His personality and mechanisms of his powers have to be studied and investigated. Publish ALL his FBI records!FoXvPSfagAAM_BT.png:large

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In Arrest Of Former Top FBI Agent, Shadow Of Russian Oligarch Deripaska Looms — Again posted at 13:56:31 UTC via…

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The Comey Gang – Google Search…FoYaNj3XsBMO82r.png:large

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james kallstrom – Google Search……

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8:54 AM 2/7/2023 – David Warsh: How some rebellious FBI agents pushed Comey into tipping 2016 election to Trump | Selected Articles……

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devlin barrett – Google Search…FoXqDr6agAITzcM.png:large

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#devlinbarrett on #FBI and #Election2016

devlin barrett on FBI and Election 2016 – Google Search……

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Book review of October Surprise: How the FBI Tried to Save Itself and Crashed an Election by Devlin Barrett – The Washington Post…

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Anthony Weiner: sexting was hoax – Google Search……

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Anthony Weiner says latest sexting claim involving 15-year-old girl is a hoax… via @CBSPolitics

Selected Articles – TNT

Did late James Kallstrom of the NY FBI and his protégé Charles McGonigal fix the Election 2016 for Trump for $1.3 ml by orchestrating the Weiner-Abedin laptop – Clinton emails affair? FBI: Do investigate this connection and the lead in fullest.

Did late James Kallstrom of the NY FBI and his protégé Charles McGonigal fix the Election 2016 for Trump for $1.3 ml by orchestrating the Weiner-Abedin laptop – Clinton emails affair? 

FBI: Do investigate this connection and the lead in fullest. 

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