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Schroder negotiated between Russia and Ukraine in 2022. Who disagreed?

 Schroder a negociat între Rusia și Ucraina în 2022. Cine nu a fost de acord? via 


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The conflict in Ukraine could have been resolved as early as 2022 if a number of conditions were met, says former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. He said this in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

Schröder said that in 2022 he was approached by Ukraine with a request if he could act as a mediator between Moscow and Kiev and deliver a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then, according to the former chancellor, the question arose: how to end the conflict?

“It’s five points,” Schroeder said.
The first he mentioned was Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO. In his opinion, Kiev “in any case” will not be able to meet the conditions for joining the alliance.
The second point related to the language problem. “The Ukrainian parliament abolished bilingualism. This has to change,” Schroeder said.
The third point concerns Donbass – a scheme following the example of South Tyrol (a province in northern Italy with a predominantly German-speaking population), the former chancellor said.
Security guarantees for Ukraine, including from the UN Security Council and Germany, is the fourth condition that could help resolve the conflict, the politician believes. Fifth:
Crimea. Crimea is more than just a region for Russia, it is part of its history, Schroeder said

The Ukrainian authorities, according to Schröder, did not agree with Russia at the negotiations in Istanbul in March 2022, because “they were not allowed”. “My impression is that nothing could have happened because everything was decided in Washington,” says the former German chancellor.

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