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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Aug 05 2023

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“The signal is that the Russian Black Sea fleet can’t be safe anymore…And if this is indeed the case,…
Times Radio 2h

Former US president Donald Trump is using mounting legal problems to increase popularity among Republicans…
SkyNewsAustralia 2h

Ukraine launches second sea drone attack in 24 hours as Russia confirms one of its tankers was damaged…
euronews (in English) 2h

The 70-year-old cricketer-turned-politician was accused of misusing his premiership minister from 2018…

Путинская система рушится? Готов ли Путин уйти из Украины, чтобы сохранить власть? Могут ли США приблизить…
Радио Свобода 2h

• Атака на российский военный корабль близ порта Новороссийск. Киев наращивает производство дронов. Кто…
Радио Свобода 2h

Вчерашнее появление 45-го президента Дональда Трампа в здании федерального суда в Вашингтоне стало поводом…
Голос Америки 2h

Former president Donald Trump appeared at a D.C. courthouse on Aug. 3 for an arraignment on charges that…
Washington Post 2h

Former President Donald Trump’s alleged efforts to press former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn…
Wall Street Journal 2h

Después de que el expresidente Donald Trump se declarara inocente de intentar interferir en las elecciones…
Voz de América 2h

Thousands of people overran New York’s Union Square and the surrounding streets Friday, after a popular…
VOA News 2h

Friday on the NewsHour, the latest jobs report falls short of expectations but shows steady growth, signaling…
PBS NewsHour 2h

Bob Innes, who runs the parody website, discusses the real-life criminals who have actually…
NewsNation Now 2h

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Links and Pages – The News and Times – Blogs by Michael Novakhov 2h

 Russia And The World – Links | RussianWorld.netMichael Novakhov (Mike Nova) 7/28/2023 12:02:00 PM Links…
Links and Pages – The News and Times – Blogs by Michael Novakhov 2h

A Russian court convicted imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny on charges of extremism and sentenced…
FRANCE 24 English 2h

Talks starting in Saudi Arabia this weekend to find a peaceful settlement to end Russia’s war in Ukraine…
FRANCE 24 English 2h

Ukrainian intelligence sources say a Russian warship has been damaged in a drone attack on Russia’s Black…
DW (English) 2h

A trial court in Pakistan has found former Prime Minister Imran Khan guilty of graft and has sentenced…
DW (English) 2h

Officials from about 30 countries have been invited to participate in peace talks for Ukraine in the…
DW (English) 2h

California Rep. Charles Wiggins said on Aug. 5, 1974, that he’d reached the “painful conclusion” that…
CBS News 2h

On Aug. 5, 1974, President Richard Nixon released tapes related to the Watergate break-in following a…
CBS News 2h

A woman died after she was hit by a truck and another car in Coney Island. Police say neither driver…
CBS New York 2h

Authorities on Friday identified another one of the victims in the Gilgo Beach murders. Her remains were…
CBS New York 2h

Cleanup is underway after a mob of thousands of young people got out of control in Union Square on Friday….
CBS New York 2h

The NYPD highlighted how officers responded to the chaos in Union Square on Friday. As CBS New York’s…
CBS New York 2h

The full and un-edited audio of the United States v Donald J. Trump indictment that was filed on August…

During a House Appropriations committee hearing last week, Rep. John Carter (R-TX) questioned FBI Director…
Brooklyn News 2h

As new video sheds light on the disaster, a task force completed its search for survivors at the Davenport…
Brooklyn News 2h

New video shows the moments leading to an apartment building collapse in Davenport, Iowa.
Brooklyn News 2h

BBC Russian 2h

00:00 Приветствие. Ведущий – Виктор Нехезин. 00:55 Какие подробности известны о двух атаках дронов…
BBC Russian 2h

Российским дипломатам не удалось предотвратить обвал в отношениях России и Запада и не допустить войны,…
BBC Russian 2h

Анализируем «последние слова» оппозиционера: 00:00 Приветствие. Ведущий – Виктор Нехезин. 02:16…
BBC Russian 2h

Ukraine says it has badly damaged a Russian naval ship in the Black Sea, in a naval drone attack that…
BBC News 2h

Donald Trump has held a campaign rally in the southern state of Alabama. He said the latest criminal…
BBC News 2h

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has been sentenced to an additional 19 years in prison, on charges…
Al Jazeera English 2h

Wildfires have started to break out across the western United States as record-challenging heat returns…
AccuWeather 2h

What glitters is not always gold, and the same is true for the celebrities as well. Several prominent…

“You cannot arrest an idea whose time has come” “It’s madness, they are dismantling democracy” is…
Al Jazeera English 2h

A military takeover in Niger as the Kremlin and Russian mercenaries lurk on the sidelines and the airwaves….
Al Jazeera English 2h

В ночь на субботу морской дрон со взрывчаткой атаковал российский танкер в Керченском проливе. Накануне…
euronews (на русском) 2h

#shorts #news #breakingnews #russia #ukraine #nato #crimea #kerchbridge #putin #zelensky #ukrainewar…
Times Radio 2h

Footage released by 25th Air Assault Brigade appears to show several perfect hits by the Ukrainian army…
The Sun 2h

A cyberattack disrupted hospital computer systems in several states, forcing some emergency rooms to…
Voice of America 19h

Donald Trump’s Lawyer Is Dumber Than Donald Trump  Yahoo News
trump – Google News 19h

Video Idaho murder suspect offers alibi  ABC News
“Idaho murders” – Google News 19h

Jailed Russian opposition politician Navalny gets 19 more years in prison, says his team  ReutersKremlin…
Top Stories – Google News 19h

New York authorities identify another Gilgo Beach murder victim. She was previously known as ‘Fire Island…
Top Stories – Google News 19h

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny was sentenced to 19 more years in prison on extremism charges…
Home – 19h

An FBI agent shot someone while serving a search warrant in Tioga Friday, according to police.
Google Alert – fbi 19h

The FBI is investigating a cyberattack that has temporarily closed Eastern Connecticut Health Network…
Google Alert – fbi 19h

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The FBI is helping to look for a 13-year-old Wisconsin boy who disappeared in June,…
Google Alert – fbi 19h

Space Force intel focus: 50% on China; 25% on Russia  Breaking Defense
“Intelligence Services” – Google News 19h

Russian rebels spark chaos in Moscow as they halt military cargo  Express
“Russian World” – Google News 19h

Ukraine ‘achieved nothing in this counteroffensive,’ claims Russian Ambassador  CNN
“Russian World” – Google News 19h

Ukraine says its drones damaged a Russian warship, showing Kyiv’s growing naval capability  Detroit News
“kyiv” – Google News 19h

Police Identify ‘Fire Island Jane Doe’  The New York Times
“genetic genealogy” – Google News 19h

Утверждается, что он лично возил деньги из Москвы
Радио Свобода 19h

Russia says thwarted Ukraine attacks on Black Sea naval base …  New Vision
“Crimean bridge attacks” – Google News 19h

Brooklyn Defender Services spearheads relief for Rikers inmates …  Brooklyn Daily Eagle
“Brooklyn” – Google News 19h

Trump Indictment Capitol Riot. Former President Donald Trump’s valet Walt Nauta and attorney Todd Blanche…
Google Alert – Capitol Riot 20h

#news #trump #donaldtrump
CBS News 20h

O’Shae Sibley was determined to succeed in New York, where he had … to O’Shae Sibley, who was stabbed…
Google Alert – Brooklyn NY 20h

On any given day, a reliable crush of tourists will browse vendors’ wares on the Brooklyn Bridge: New…
Google Alert – Brooklyn NY 20h

If there’s an opening in your neighborhood that we’ve missed, let us know at August 3….
Google Alert – Brooklyn NY 20h

Covid spike may be caused by Barbie and drizzle, says expert  The Telegraph
“Omicron” – Google News 20h

Трамп рассказал, что ему грозит 561 год тюремного заключения  Эхо Москвы в Санкт-Петербурге
“русско украинские мирные переговоры” – Google Новости 20h

August 4, 2023 Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
“russia-ukraine war news” – Google News 20h

Star soprano Anna Netrebko sues Met Opera over its decision to cut ties over Russia-Ukraine war  The…
“russia-ukraine war news” – Google News 20h

В Службе безопасности Украины заявили об операции в бухте Новороссийска, в результате которой был поврежден…
Голос Америки 20h

Украина в этом году недополучит 2 миллиарда долларов валютной выручки из-за остановки зерновой сделки…
ИноСМИ 20h

Trump Says It Would Be ‘Sort Of Foolish’ To Go To The Republican Debate Authored by Frank…
Zero Hedge 20h

How US Patriot defences are reducing ‘unstoppable’ Russian …  The Times
“Zelensky and Putin” – Google News 20h

Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) 8/04/2023 01:21:00 PM .. 21h

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) was always more than a political party. Enjoying a monopoly… 22h

Cyberattack causes multiple hospitals to shut emergency rooms and divert ambulances  CBS News
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 22h

China would interfere in elections: ex-CIA officer  台北時報
“national counterintelligence and security center” – Google News 22h

… D.C., where more than a thousand of his supporters have faced criminal charges over the January 6,…
Google Alert – FBI and Capitol Attack 22h

In addition, the national security state – FBI, CIA, national guard, … Attack on the US Capitol by…
Google Alert – FBI and Capitol Attack 22h

Chinese diplomats complain to Russia after influencer denied entry  South China Morning Post
“Russia” – Google News 22h

Jailed Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Receives New Sentence of 19 Years  The New York Times
“Russia” – Google News 22h

AP News Summary at 12:11 p.m. EDT | Coronavirus |  The Lawton Constitution
“coronavirus news” – Google News 22h

Selected Articles – Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on Inoreader – The News And TimesThe Money Laundry…
The News And Times 22h

Google Searchescoop and condo conversions in Brooklyn and Queens and Soviet Communist money laundering…
The News And Times 22h

Co-op and condo boards love it. Developers hate it. It’s the new regulation issued by the U.S. Treasury… 23h

In a typical condo sale, once a unit goes into contract, the seller sends a letter to the board with… 23h

Criminals like Bernard Madoff and other so-called “white collar” lawbreakers have made headlines… 23h 23h

SKIP ADVERTISEMENTBy Ralph Blumenthal With Celestine BohlenCredit…The New York Times ArchivesSee the… 23h


“What lingers for Trump may be what deals—on what terms—he did after the financial crisis of 2008… 23h

Two Bank of New York employees have been suspended while investigators try to determine if they… 23h

THE Russian mafia is developing into a many-armed criminal enterprise that operates with surprising… 23h

SKIP ADVERTISEMENTCredit…The New York Times ArchivesSee the article in its original context from August… 23h

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